How to Request an App Store Subscription Refund

5 years ago

How to Request an App Store Subscription Refund

Looking to request a refund for an app store subscription purchase?  This process can only be facilitated by contacting Apple directly.  This means that reaching out to an apps developer directly will yield very little to zero results.  Instead, Apple provides a way for users to request refunds should they face any issues with App Store in-app purchases or subscription payments.  

Follow these steps outlined below to request a refund for an app store in-app purchase or subscription payment:

Step 1: Go to

The page accessed through the URL below will allow you to log in with your Apple ID to begin your refund request.  Note that you can only log in with an Apple ID which has previous activity downloading apps or content from the app store:

Upon navigating to, proceed to Step 2 below:

Step 2: Choose the App you’d like to Request a Refund For.

The below graphic shows you an example listing of all purchases for a given Apple ID.  Tap on “Report a Problem” for the app you’d like to request a refund for and proceed to Step 3 below:

Request an App Store Subscription Refund

Upon tapping on “Report a Problem”, you’ll be presented with a form to fill out to proceed with your refund request. Continue to Step 3 below:

Step 3: Select an Option, Describe Your Issue and Submit.

To complete your refund request, select “I’d like to request a refund” from the dropdown (shown below) and describe our issue.  

App Store Refund

Upon filling out the form, tap on “Submit”. You’ll now need to wait for Apple to reply to your refund request.